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Q. Denim Care Guide

Before following the next care instructions, we recommend checking the product care label. The care label can be found sewn inside the bottom left for normal tops; inside the near left pocket for outerwear; inside the near left pocket for bottoms.

Jeans are a type of garment that increases in value for the owner over time. A pair of well-worn jeans are a dream to wear. Denim should be washed infrequently, instead, air them as often as you can.

When washing: 
  1. Separate: Wash your jeans separately as the colours transfer very easily. Jeans may also damage other clothing if washing together, as denim fabrics are thick and stiff.
  2. Use a detergent specially made for denim: Most detergents are either low alkaline or neutral. When washing jeans, consider the neutral laundry detergents that are reserved for delicate items, to keep your jeans color lively for longer.
  3. Water temperature: It’s preferable to wash your jeans with cold water, to better preserve the colour. Only use hot or warm water if you need to remove stains, as higher temperatures might cause the colour to fade.
  4. Machine wash with gentle cycles and inside-out, as jeans can fade easily due to friction.
  5. Never tumble dry, instead hang or dry flat.
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