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Q. Silky Care Guide

Before following the next care instructions, we recommend checking the product care label. The care label can be found sewn inside the bottom left for normal tops; inside the near left pocket for outerwear; inside the near left pocket for bottoms.

Some silky garments must be dry cleaned, but far from all.
  1. Washing (if dry cleaning is not necessary): The best way to care for your favourite silky garments is to hand wash. Use a detergent made for delicate fabrics, and wash in cold temperatures.
  2. Drying: Do not tumble dry. Always dry silky fabrics by hanging them in the shade or indoors, as direct sunlight can cause its colors to fade. Do not use clothes pegs.
  3. Steaming is preferred, instead of ironing. Ironing might leave scorch marks on the delicate fabric.
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