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Q. Adding a promotion code to my order

How do I apply my code when placing my order?

UNIQLO discount codes must be entered in the "Add a discount code" field available in your shopping cart. The discount code and deduction will be displayed immediately and applied to the total amount of the order. If the code does not apply at this stage, it cannot be validated at a later stage of the order or after the order has been processed. Please also note that you will only be able to use one discount code per order.

Please note that some discount codes can only be used by UNIQLO account holders. Click here to create an account and access exclusive offers (you will also be able to view your order history and checkout faster).
Your discount code does not work?

It is possible that your computer is blocking the readability of the code. Our system uses cookies to scan your code. In other words, you will have to follow the few recommendations below:

1. Use your personal computer/phone. Business computers and phones sometimes have very strict softwares or settings (VPN, remote control, firewall) that block the recognition of your code.

2. Use a different browser. Mozilla Firefox and Chrome are more stable when it comes to browsing or using our site. We therefore recommend that you use them instead when placing your order.

3.  Use your browser's private browsing mode. This "safe" mode is often helpful to ensure that nothing will block your browsing.

4. Deactivate your adblocker. These programs block the processing and saving of cookies. In other words, they blind our system.

5. Use our mobile application. Safe and reliable, our application is the simplest and fastest solution.

6. Check that your order complies with the conditions of use. You will find these conditions on the same document or email where you found your code. For the welcome code for example, please note that it does not work on orders under 70€ (shipping costs not included) or on limited collections such as Marimekko, Kaws or Ines de la Fressange.


 I have not received my welcome code, why?

First of all, please note that it may take up to 24 hours to send our welcome code, which you receive after subscribing to our newsletter! In other words, it is not advisable to register to enjoy this code in the next few minutes.

Moreover, we only send one code per customer. If you have subscribed to our newsletter in the past, unsubscribed afterwards or forgot to have done so, we will not send you a new code.

Finally, if you have received an email supposedly containing a code but can't find it afterwards, try to send this email to another email address as it is possible that your inbox may block the image containing your code (especially if you use third party software to access your emails).



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