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Q. How do I return my order from Poland?

If you are returning your parcel from Poland, please follow the instructions below:

We do not provide returns shipping labels. You will have to cover the cost of your return shipping using a carrier of your choice. UNIQLO will only accept returns which are made within the 30 days return period. UNIQLO POP-UP Wars Sawa Junior store in Warsaw will not accept online orders for return or exchange.

Please access the Returns Portal to register the item(s) you wish to return from your order. You will be able to select the reason for the returned item(s) which we will use as feedback to improve our products! Once you have registered your return, the returns portal will generate your return packing slip and parcel address label.
You will notice that the return label shows the address for our warehouse in Germany. Please cover/replace this address with the address of our warehouse in Poland which is shown below:

DC Arvato
ul. Kolejowa 150
62-064 Plewiska

Recipient additional information:
Contact number: +46 8 557 698 61
Email address: UQEU-CarrierEnquiries@uniqlo.eu (Please do not contact this email address as it is an unmonitored email address)
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Print your return packing slip and parcel address label. Include the packing slip inside the parcel. Amend the address on the parcel address label and affix to the outside of your parcel. This label is not a shipping label, you are required to organise and pay for your own return shipping.

Package your parcel securely and return to our warehouse in Poland using a delivery carrier of your choice. Please do ensure you receive a receipt as proof of postage, which you should retain until you receive your refund.

Once your return has been received and processed, you will receive a confirmation email from us. Normally, to receive your refund, it can take up to 2 weeks from the day we have received your return package at our warehouse.
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